Super-Blower system for high speed timber planing line

Indusvent installed and commissioned a complete dust extraction, filtration and material conveying system for a high speed timber planing line at a major sawmill.

The Super-Blower system was selected with all main exhaust fans positioned on the clean air side for optimum efficiency, low noise and eliminating any abrasion wear due to material impact, the unique flat hopper, scraper discharger and automatic filter cleaning system ensures that high volumes of light wood shavings can be easily handled. In this case the wood shavings are transported and injected into bulk container’s provided by a specialist contractor.

The loading of wood shavings into the bulk containers is controlled automatically. The system detects when a container is full and automatically changes to the next available empty container. This system also protects the container loading ductwork from blockage. The main HMI touch screen displays a clear status of the whole system.

  • Air volume 40,000 m3/h
  • 1 x Main exhaust fan set 75kW with variable speed drive
  • 3 x Suction ductwork lines