Super-Blower dust extraction and filtration system for leading roof window manufacturer

After a detailed and comprehensive evaluation, Indusvent were delighted to be selected to provide a turnkey package to design, supply and install a complete new dust and chip extraction system for a leading roof window manufacturer.

The new installation replaced the existing chain filter systems which had deteriorated with age and hard service, whereby their performance, efficiency and safety were being compromised. The systems had given the company good service, but now required extensive maintenance.

The new Super-Blower system in this case has reduced the operating electrical energy consumption by more than 50% in comparison with the old system, improved conditions within the workplace and significantly reduced cost of maintenance.

  •  Air volume 180,000 m3/h
  • 4 x Main exhaust fan set 75kW with variable speed drive
  • 19 x Suction ductwork lines