Indusvent Super-Blower at W12 for Homag

Indusvent installed a fully operational Super-Blower dust extraction and filtration system serving all 22 panel processing machines being demonstrated at “Homag City” which with six stands Homag was the biggest exhibitor by some margin.

Although the system was designed to provide dust extraction to all 22 production machines, comprising Edgebanders, Beam Saws and CNC machining centres, the noise emission level of the Super-Blower system was well below the threshold limit set by the organisers. This was without the additional of any special noise attenuating equipment such as acoustically lined fan enclosures or in-line duct silencers.

Particularly impressed with this feature were the Homag sales team, they commented that they could demonstrate their machines and communicate with their customers easily without having to listen to the constant drone of a noisy extractor, significantly improving the environment for all throughout the exhibition.

The Super-Blower system installed was rated at an air volume of 40,000 m3/h, the main exhaust fan set being a high efficiency 75kW controlled via a variable speed drive including the latest Indusvent energy conservation features. The whole system was delivered, installed and commissioned within 4 days.