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Super-Blower system for foundry hot coating, Sand recovery and casting shake out process

Indusvent were selected to install their Super-Blower system to provide complete dust extraction and filtration system serving the hot coating, sand recovery and casting shake out processes at a leading UK foundry.

With an operating temperature of the sand recovery process at 180°C combined with the operating temperature of the hot coating at 85°C, Indusvent designed the system to introduce ambient air for dilution to reduce the overall system operating temperature to approximately 60°C.

The Super-Blower unit in this case was specified for handling fine metal particulate and sand, the filtered airstream is discharged to atmosphere via a self supporting stack which incorporated continuous monitoring.

  • Air volume 35,000 m3/h
  • 1 x Main exhaust fan set 55kW with variable speed drive
  • 3 x Suction ductwork lines