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Galvanised Ducting

Indusvent's galvanised ductwork system is manufactured with a circular cross section, designed for optimum sealing and minimal pressure loss.  Our duct programme encompasses a wide variation of all necessary components required for a complete installation solution. We hold a large comprehensive stock of all standard ductwork components up to a ø500 mm. ø550mm to ø1000mm are available to order.

Galvanised ductwork system

Indusvent galvanised ducting includes all components necessary for a modular flexible extraction system which can be used for particle transport, as well as fume extraction and air ventilation, including:-

As standard all ductwork ø80 - ø400 mm includes 1.5D centre line radius pressed bends and laser welded 2m straight sections. Duct sizes above  ø400mm are longitudinally lock formed constructed. Bends, branch pieces, shaped pieces etc. are assembled with overlap and point-welded.

Indusvent galvanised ducting is manufactured from hot dip galvanised steel sheet: Dogal 280, DX 51 D, DX 54 D or DX 56 D with a material thickness from 0.75 mm – 1.25 mm. Surface treatment class is Z 275 - i.e. zinc coating is minimum 275 g/m² double sided. Tension clips are used as standard joint assembly for rapid assembly on ø80 mm to ø600 mm ducts, and flanges are used for ø650 mm to ø1000 mm ducts.